Friday, July 1, 2011

Leo, the Occasionally Good Dog, Can't Seem to Stay Out of Trouble

Leo is rudely interrupted while reading the menu.

  1. Leo, The Occasionally Good Dog  - Leo isn't always bad. Plus, he really, really wants to be good. 
  2. One Time When Leo Was Good  - Liz and Jenn disagree. They don't think Leo really wants to be good at all. So in this story, I document how good he actually is.
  3. Biker Bob Goes for a Walk  - A simple walk isn't all that easy.
  4. Seals are Smarter Than Leo  - A pair of seals has a laugh at Leo's expense. 
  5. Ways to say "Leo," Part 1: Reading the Menu  -  Animated cartoon.
  6. Another Way to Say Leo  - Another animated cartoon.

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