Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Thing About Bill

When I met Bill, he had no pets. I had two dogs, Rosie and Leo. I divided my time between Bill and dogs somewhat evenly. After all, it takes a lot of time to walk, potty, bathe, brush, pat, and feed two dogs, never mind go to the store and pick up dog bones and huge sacks of dog food. Bill was fine with that, but assured me that he didn't know anything about dogs, and couldn't be much help.

This didn't bother Rosie and Leo a bit. They ditched me, and worshiped Bill.
Bill didn't have to do anything. He could just sit on his hands, and the dogs would still worship him.

The same thing happens now with the chickadees. I've set up bird feeders and keep them filled. I've made the yard impregnable to cats. I've installed bird baths and put fresh water in them every day. I lug around huge sacks of bird seed.

But when Bill comes home, the chickadees fly over to the bird feeder next to the front walk and sing pretty chickadee songs for him that they never sing for me.


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Paula said...

Too funny! Sad & frustrating for you but...

polusladkaia said...

everyone is so fickle! except your robin.