About me

Hello and welcome. My name is Megan Seagren. I'm a writer and painter living in Seattle, Washington, USA, with my sweet husband, three crows, and two yard squirrels.

I can't believe it's been more than three years since I started this. In 2010 a writing instructor prodded our class to write blogs, otherwise I never would have thought of it. He also advised us to stick to a single theme, which as you can see, I haven't done. With so many interests to write about, I'd need to keep a half dozen blogs.

Instead, this blog is more of a journal, in the sense of being "a personal record of occurrences, experiences, and reflections kept on a regular basis." I have managed to figure out three basic themes for it: story writing, enjoying and protecting nature, and art.
  1. I had some busy years, raising children and juggling my technical writing profession with a small, derelict farm. My memory holds many stories about those years, and now there's time to write a few of them down. Theme 1: Story writing.
  2. I love the natural world and express this by doing things like creating a backyard wildlife habitat, installing a rain garden, and enjoying animals, domestic or otherwise. Theme 2: Enjoying and Protecting Nature
  3. Besides writing stories, I love the creative aspects of watercolor painting and photography and also like digging into things and figuring out the best gear or technique for a creative project. Theme 3: Art.
I hope that you'll become a regular reader, and let me get to know you through your comments. I also have an artist Facebook page and art website, Megan Seagren Watercolors.

Thanks for visiting!