This page lists watercolor painting classes and workshops offered by Seattle area teachers in 2014. 

Ongoing Watercolor Classes

Kathy Collins

Tsuga Fine Art (formerly Kaewyn Gallery), 10101 Main St, Bothell

4-week Winter series: Feb 6th - 27th 10AM-12 ($100) now enrolling!
To register for classes, email
For the current schedule, see

Tom Hoffmann 

All Levels Painting Class Winter 2014

Tuesdays, 2-5,1/14-3/18

Work in a small group setting, with plenty of one-on-one time, plus the benefits of diverse points of view. Each class begins with a group discussion of work in progress, then moves to individual problem solving, highlighted by Tom's demonstrations. We will go outdoors to paint whenever weather permits.

Class meets in the Madrona neighborhood. Email or call for details.

Tuition $400 for ten weeks

Gage Academy Classes

Three levels of watercolor taught by Tom Hoffmann are offered each term at Gage, and a new evening class, Mondays at 6:30, for all levels.

Enroll through the Academy,

Private Instruction

Please email for more information about private instruction.

Michele Cooper

Skagit Valley College-- 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM--Wed.
January 22 - March 12, 2014
April 9 - May 28
(All levels) - Click here for more information

January 24-March 14, 2014
April 11-May 30
(Intermediate) - Click here for more information

(Formerly Gallery By the Bay)--A Guilded Gallery
1. January 21, 28, Feb 4, 11, 18, 2014 - Tuesday
2. March 4, 11, 18, 25, April 1
3. April 15, 22, 29, May 6, 13
4. May 27, June 3, 10, 17, 24
(All levels) - Click here for more information


Jan Morris

Watercolor at the Conservatory: For details, see

Kirkland Arts Center

Ongoing classes are listed here:

See also my Watercolor Resources blog for a list of ongoing classes.


For workshops all around the world, see

Catherine Gill 

Catherine has lots of fun workshops planned for 2014. For details, see
One-on-one sessions are $100. For details, send email to:

Tom Hoffmann

For details on the following 2014 classes and workshops, contact Tom at

Watercolor Workshop: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park June 18-21, 2014

Hawaii Volcanos National Park by Tom Hoffman

Explore and paint the diverse and dramatic landscape of the island of Hawaii from our base alongside the Volcanoes National Park. Habitats in the region include native upland forests, lava fields in various stages of re-vegetation, steam vents, smoking sulfur banks, cinder cones, craggy seacoasts with black sand beaches framed by tropical vegetation and a white-capped sea, where large sea-turtles often rest. Tom Hoffmann is the author of Watercolor Painting: A comprehensive approach to mastering the medium, published by Random House.

Tom’s teaching, like his paintings, is clear, concise and devoted to finding the simplest path to powerful expression.

Tuition $400

Abstract Watercolor

3/8-3/9, Sat-Sun, 9:30am-4:30pm [2 days]

Working abstractly opens doors for the individual artist, inviting surprising expansions of the range of both the painter and the paint. Without the usual reliance on an image or a scene as a guide, making a painting requires sharpening your listening skills. Instead of observing what color that tree is, you are more likely to ask the painting what it needs. Form overrules content.

This workshop is offered through Gage Academy. Please see the Gage website for enrollment information:


March 23-29, 2014
An increasingly important part of my visits to Oaxaca is the new crop of photos I take during each trip. For the rest of the year, I use my images to paint from, and as aids for my teaching. Selecting photo subjects and framing the images with painting in mind is a very different kind of activity from taking pictures as narrative mementos. This workshop will combine time spent painting from life with a progression of opportunities to practice making photographs that will inspire strong paintings after you return to the studio.


The Palouse: Abstracting the Landscape

May 16-18
The wheat-growing country near Walla Walla is as near to abstraction as any landscape I've seen. Just a half step along the line between form and content tips the balance toward pure shape, color and composition. We will take that step together and watch as boundaries disappear.

Tuition $300

Lopez Island

July 18-21
Twenty-three years of watercolor on Lopez, and I keep finding great new places to paint. And I still want to go back to the old favorites, too. Get to know this gracious island with a brush in your hand.
Tuition $400


2014 Dates TBAThe Cape is brand new land, in geologic terms - sand and gravel left behind the last time glaciers came and went. The dunes and wetlands and the pine forests and ponds feel like mirages, as if they may not really be there when you turn around. It is a landscape that begs to be painted. New as it is, however, it has been inhabited right from the start, and the evidence offers its own array of wonderful painting subjects. Fishing and boat-building, cranberry bogs, grand colonial captain's houses, funky beach cottages, glorious gardens...and the light! Warm and cool at the same time.

Tuition: $400

Seattle Cityscape: Day and Night

September 6-9, 4pm - 10pm

The balance of light to dark changes dramatically from day to night, as does the role each layer plays in a painting of the scene. In this unusual plein air workshop we will track and interpret these changes and more. Color, for example, and edge quality!

Tuition $400

The Methow Valley

October 2-5

Why are some places easier to paint than most? In the Methow, it may be that the dramatic landscape is more readily seen as shape, color and value, while the human-made elements retreat in comparison. In any case, much of the painter's work seems already done. The hard part is deciding which way to face.

Kathy Collins

For current workshops, see

Michele Cooper

For current workshops, see

Eric Wiegardt

Eric Wiegardt isn't local, but he is giving a watercolor workshop here in Seattle: February 20-23 2014, 9 am -4 pm
2821 2cd Ave, Seattle, WA 98103  $275 for 4 days.
Contact:, 206 234-1566.

Caroline Buchannon

For current workshops, see

Daniel Smith Workshops

Daniel Smith offers regular short (one day or less) workshops given by local artists. Check these two blog pages for current information:

Dakota Art Center Workshops for 2014 (Mt. Vernon)

For details on  workshops, go to

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