Watercolor Classes/Workshops

This page gives links to the websites of watercolor artists who offer painting classes and workshops in the Seattle area.
Watercolor Classes

Kathy Collins

To register for classes, email  kathy.collins2@comcast.net
For the current schedule, see http://www.kathycollinswatercolors.com/Classes_and_Workshops.html.

Tom Hoffmann 


Please email tom@hoffmannwatercolors.com for more information about private instruction.age Academy Classes


Michele Cooper

Email: MicheleC12@yahoo.com

Jan Morris

Watercolor at the Conservatory: For details, see http://www.volunteerparkconservatory.org/education/classes/.

Kirkland Arts Center

Ongoing classes are listed here:


For workshops all around the world, see http://clicks.robertgenn.com/workshops/workshop.php.

Catherine Gill 

Catherine has lots of fun workshops planned for 2014. For details, see http://catherinegill.com/images/2014-Workshop-Schedule.jpg.
One-on-one sessions are $100. For details, send email to: cathe@catherinegill.com.

Caroline Buchannon

For current workshops, see http://buchananwatercolors.com/classes.cfm

Daniel Smith Workshops

Daniel Smith offers regular short (one day or less) workshops given by local artists. Check these two blog pages for current information:
Seattle: http://seattledanielsmithevents.blogspot.com
Bellevue: http://bellevuedanielsmithevents.blogspot.com

Dakota Art Center Workshops for 2014 (Mt. Vernon)

For details on  workshops, go to http://www.dakotaartcenter.com/schedule.html.

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