Friday, March 8, 2013

Backyard Ideas from the 2013 Northwest Flower and Garden Show

On February 23, Bill and I went over to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show with our cameras to see what kind of ideas we could find for a new backyard sitting area. Some gave us food for thought, while others were more entertaining than practical.

A column/fountain. Lovely.

I adore the idea of an areal retreat in the garden.

A pretty setting, but probably a bit fancier than we want.

I love this organic-looking metal fence.
Here's a closeup.

Ahhh, with this hammock our garden could become a place to relax, rather than simply a place to feed the crows, chickadees, and squirrels.

This patio is set into a bit of a side-hill, like the one in our backyard. Bill wants to use this as a model for our patio.

We found this Hobbit house in the Washington Park Arboretum display garden, which also showcases the flora from New Zealand. Our climate in Seattle is similar to New Zealand's, so we can grow most of the plants from that region.

I never thought of putting a real painting in the garden like this, but I like it.

Roman fountains could lend a more organized look to the backyard.

I fell in love with the striped pillows as well as the mosaic on the garden wall. We have an ugly concrete retaining wall at the back of our yard that would do well with this kind of treatment.

I was liking this display garden right up until I saw the TV. 

Nope. Not seeing this in the yard.

But a popcorn popper could have its uses.

Nope. The last time there was a brown bear in the yard, it scared Rosie and me half to death



I need this fountain created from musical instruments and copper piping. 

I probably need these for something, too.

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