Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Always on the Lookout for Photo-ops

Like me, you photographers and painters out there are probably always on the lookout for scenes to make good pictures from. Check out some that I've found on the "My Photos" page. I've been adding new albums to that page all morning since I discovered a good batch-processing tool to make it easier.

One of my favorite places is Nelson, Nevada. It has a population of about two, I believe. Wait, let me check that out .... Oh excuse me, it's 369. They must have all been napping the day I was there. Gold was discovered there in 1859, but there doesn't appear to be any gold left, as there are no prospectors running around, and the equipment is all so decrepit you couldn't use it anyway.

But it has photographer's gold. Lots of it. Check it out. I can't wait to go back there!

Nelson, Nevada

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Nelson, Nevada is a photographer's goldmine.

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Bad Jones Rising said...

I checked all of these out, and one word describes them in my opinion. Suh-weet. Lol it reminds me of a cowboy ghost town! I would love to see a place like this. And pick up a few items for altered art and sculpture.

Megan Seagren said...

There are a lot of ghost towny things in Nevada, Bad. This one is an easy drive from Vegas, where I like to go in winter, not to gamble (I'm Scotts heritage), but to remember what the sun looks like. There are lots of things to do around Vegas that don't involve the strip or buckets of money, just a car.