Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Kindred Spirit

Kamilla White came to our meetup group on Friday for the first time, and our barrage of "getting to know you" questions turned up a very interesting bit of information: Kamilla's artwork focuses on crows. Below are a few examples. You can see lots more on her web site, Raven Lunatic Studios. Also, until December 1, you can see her work at the Art/Not Terminal Gallery.

Examples of Kamilla's original paintings and prints:

This confirms what I already suspected: that crows can be quite well read.


And a bit of her sculpture:

Who could resist having such an adorable thing on their tree?
I had to pick this one because I live in Ballard, the Swedish capital of the Northwest.

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Kamilla White said...

Wow - thanks for the props, Megan!